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Stick Anywhere Multi Surface Mount for Car & Home (sku 10060)

SKU: 10060

Ultimate Addons Stick Anywhere Multi Surface Mount for Car & Home (sku 10060)

SKU: 10060

The Ultimate Addons Multi-Surface Mounting option fits any of the cradles, holders or waterproof cases from the Addons range.

Note: NO Cradle or holder supplied.
Use with an existing Ultimate Addons cradle, case or holder.
This arm is ONLY compatible with the Addons range.

This Unique PU suction pad will adhere to just about any clean dry surface and can be removed and applied AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN !.............and it's washable.

Use on glass, dashboards, consoles in the car.
At home or in the office - Use a device at your desk or table.
Want to access tasty recipes via the net while in the kitchen?
Beanbag car mounts too bulky?
Not want a permanent fixture?
Then the NEW Multi-Surface Suction Mount could be for you.
Works on:
Work surfaces
Kitchen units & cabinets
Fridge Doors
Laminate tops
Desks & tables
Vehicle console or cockpit areas
Textured or smooth dashboards (best suited to hard dashes / consoles rather than covered)
A strong rigid 10cm arm that's fully adjustable and can be positioned vertically or horizontally.
65mm clear PU suction cup is sticky to touch and grips extremelywell.
Remove and repositioned repeatedly - will NOT leave any residue or damage a sound surface.
This special pad can even be washed, so if it becomes dusty or dirty simply rinse under the tap, leave to dry naturally and it's ready to use again.
Suction cup incorporates a removal tab.

How does it works?
We have taken our most popular lever release arm and have incorporated the new PU suction cup.
This PU suction pad is sticky to touch bit it's NOT adhesive.
Press the arm's suction cup against a clean dry surface and push down the lever release arm.
This creates a vacuum in the usual way but because of the new PU base, it will hold to both smooth and textured surfaces on both horizontal or vertical planes without having to use an additional dash disc or friction mount to ensure grip.

Please note:
When we say this mount holds well we mean it!
To remove the mount you MUST release the vacuum hold.
First lift up the lever then gently pull & lift the removal tab. This breaks the vacuum.
Now you can remove the mount from the surface.
A gentle rocking motion while lifting the removal tab works best.
Please don't just pull at the mount, it wasn't designed to be removed that way.
If you experience problems adhering this mount to a surface please check:
The suction cup must be allowed to dry naturally to reactivate the super grip coating.
The area you apply to must be clean, dry, free of dust, ash, hair etc.
Not suitable for oiled surfaces.

View video. Example of mount only - NO cradle or holder supplied with this listing.