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Swivel Air Vent Car Mount & Universal Phone Holder (sku 9734)

SKU: 9734

Swivel Vehicle Air Vent Mount & Universal Holder for Smartphone / Mobile Phone (sku 9734)

SKU: 9734

Ultimate Addons Swivel Vehicle Air Vent Mount withuniversal phone holder is suitable for most mobile or smart phones.
Great quality mobile phone accessories at an affordable price.
Uses a twin metal spring action vent clip rather than the traditional plastic crocodile style.
Fits most horizontal air vents.
Attaches to the vent slats easily and is removable.
Tidy and discreet, simply leave in place on the vent and just insert your phone for the journey.
Support foot reduces vibration and allows tilt to avoid glare.

The Universal Phone Cradle:
This high quality universal cradle is ideal if you like to keep a protective case, skin or bumper on your phone. Unlike bespoke dedicated cradles the arms of this holder are adjustable to accommodate different makes & styles of case.
Function areas remain fully accessible.
Fits phones with a minimum height of 65mm & a width of between 40-88mm.
Perfect if the drivers of your vehicle use different phones.