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TiGRA ArmorGuard Case & Extended U Bolt Motorcycle Bike Handlebar Mount for iPhone 5S (sku 20260)

SKU: 20260

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This waterproof mount bundle gives you a quality 'tough style' case with a versatile bike mount which gives extra clearance for luggage / tank bags.

The TiGRA Sport ArmorGuard MountCASE for Apple iPhone 5 / 5S is a 'Tough' style case and is supplied with a strong, secure metal u-Bolt handlebar mount base.
(Case not for iPhone 5C)
IP68 waterproof and dust proof certification ensures protection up to 2 meters in water for 30 minutes.
Shock and impact proof according to U.S. Military Standard 810
(2 meters drop on hard concrete floor at multiple angles).

All phone features & ports remain accessible
Touchscreen and Touch ID operable with sensitivity over 90%.
Microvent sealed sound ports with speaker/mic channeled to the front for best acoustic effect.
Cameras & flash operable with rear camera covered by optical lens.
All buttons and mute switch operable.
Headphone and charging ports accessible.
It's very easy to put your phone in and out with two simple metal clamps, with virtually no limits on the number of times you can do this.

The ArmorGuard is like an overcoat to your smartphone: you don't need to always put it on in order to enjoy the convenience of mounting your phone as you go. But when you do, it provides the highest level of protection to your phone without compromising style and functionality.
The basic MountCase, which snug fits your phone, is light, slim, stylish and pocket friendly. A range of mounts securely twist-lock your phone at portrait or landscape positions.
Pocket friendly design despite the heavy protection.

What's included?
1 x iPhone 5 / 5S TiGRA Sport ArmorGuard MountCASE
1 x 1" Ball twist & lock adaptor
1 x BuyBits Original 3" arm
1 x Metal u-bolt handlebar base.

Ultimate Addons Metal U Bolt Base
The high quality handlebar base includes 2 x U-Bolt's and 2 x reducing collars and fits bike / motorcycle handlebars from 16mm to 32mm.

BuyBits Original Extension Arm
3" length (7.62cm) between centres.
1" double socket fits all 1" ball mount bases including RAM Motorcycle Mounts and Ultimate Addons.
Made from heavy duty composite.
Light-weight & durable.
A tightening screw on the side of the arm enables the sockets to clamp firmly to a 1" diameter ball. When loosening the side screw, a single spring inside the arm opens the sockets allowing you to pivot the ball and socket connection or completely disconnect the ball from the socket.

BuyBits Original 1" Ball adaptor with Twist & Lock attachment system for TiGRA