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Tigra BikeConsole SMART 5

SKU: TE0116

You don't follow the crowd when choosing your smartphone. But you still want to benefit from the navigation/fitness apps when going out on your bike while having your phone securely mounted and fully protected against the elements and all potential hazards. The BikeConsole SMART 4 is the world's first hard case waterproof universal bike mount that fits almost any smartphones with a screen size of 5.3 to 5.9

- Fits any smartphones within the following dimensions: o Screen size 5.3 to 5.9 o Thickness: 6.4mm (0.25) to 9.4mm (0.37) o Length: 144mm (5.7) to 158mm (6.2) o Width: 76mm (3.0) to 80.6mm (3.2)
- Can also accommodate smartphones in cases as long as they are within the above dimensions. However, the smartphone case should not have an edge higher than the touchscreen surface; otherwise touch-sensitivity may be compromise
- IPX4 waterproof
- Shock and impact proof
- Double-hinged side latch locks phone in securely
- Touch screen membrane with sensitivity over 90%.
- Rear camera operable for most models
- Side buttons of phones operable for most models
- Pocket-friendly flat back design
- Charge-thru mounting bracket with micro USB jack (power input 5.0V DC) for plugging in from power sources
- Integrated charging cable with micro USB plug for connecting to the phone on one side, and the other side connected to a PCB with Smart Circuitry which optimizes power output to phone. The PCB has contact plates exposed outside the case for connection with the mounting bracket
- Upgradable to Power Plus with optional 2800mAh battery pack (model code: PPP-2800)
- Mounting bracket rotatable 360 degrees, can fit bars/stems of ø20-45mm, with dual-lock mechanism and compatible with other BikeConsole models
- Built-in 3.5mm stereo male to female cable (for plugging in headphone outside of case), removable by user
- Smart Spacers in 4 sizes included for DIY customization of case interior to form-fit smartphones within dimensional limits
- Overall dimensions (excluding mounting bracket): 184 x 98 x 28mm
- Total weight (excluding phone and mounting bracket): 146g
- Package includes: BikeConsole case, Smart Spacers in 4 sizes (2 packs), Silicone pads, Charge-thru mounting bracket (IPBK-03), Allen key