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Tigra Fitclic Cross-trainer Strap Mount with RainGuard for Samsung Galaxy S10 (sku 47711)

SKU: 47711

Tigra Fitclic Cross-trainer Strap Mount with RainGuard for Samsung Galaxy S10

Dedicated light-weight case with twist & lock attachment system
Removable RainGuard offers wet weather protection if you get caught in a shower.
All your phone's ports and sockets are accessible whilst held in the MountCase and the touch screen if fully functional whilst the RainGuard is fitted.
Twist and lock.
Removing the phone from the mount is equally simple: just twist the phone. In most cases this can be done within seconds with one hand.
Your phone can be mounted in either portrait or landscape positions.

Suitable with a stroller, a treadmill, a spin bike, a golf trolley and a shopping cart. Fits most rounded bars, which provides a nice position for you to mount your smartphone to keep it within easy reach during your activities. The MountCase FlexiMount can be easily attached on a wide range of bars without using tools, and is ideal for use on equipment you don't own.

- Silicone strap ensures greatest ease to attach and remove
- Attachable on any round bars with diameter from 15mm (0.6) to 36mm (1.4)
- Comes with 2 interchangeable silicone straps for different bar sizes
- Mounts works with all MountCases Weight: 24g (with short strap); 26.5g (with long strap) Package includes Strap mount, consisting of mounting plate and silicone straps in 2 sizes for bars of 15-32mm and 18-36mm in diameter

What's included

MountCase for Samsung Galaxy S10
FITCLIC Strap Mount
RainGuard cover