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TiGRA FITCLIC Neo Case & 1" - 25mm Socket Adapter for iPhone 6S (sku 37176)

SKU: 37176

TiGRA FITCLIC phone case fits the Apple iPhone 6 6S 7 & 8 4.7" screen mobile smartphones (not for larger 5.5" screen PLUS versions)
Please note that this mount does NOT offer protection from wet weather.

FitClic Neo has a two-piece modular design.Thanks to a smart combination of small magnets, FitClic Neo is nearly 4 times easier to use and 2.5 times more secure than similar mounting systems in the market* while leaving intact the phones most critical functions**. All you need to do is to place your FitClic Neo phone case or U-TAG near theadapter / mount, and the system will do the rest like magic. Once locked, the only way to release is to rotate the lever on the mount.
FitClic Neo system is made up of two parts. The twist-lock design works together with magnets to rotate and self-lock the device, securing it onto the mount with no effort. Once the device is mounted, the only way to unlock it is to rotate the lever on the mount, which is designed to protect against accidental detachment.
“FitClic Neo is not just another magnetic mount or mechanical locking system…Its patent-pending design cleverly employs a combination of small magnets to perform mechanical twist-locking automatically'',The result is the lightest, slimmest, strongest and most secure mounting system for smart devices, which is also the easiest to use.
About the Case: Model code: FN-IPH68P
Designed to fit iPhone 6 6S 7 & 8 4.7" screen with over-sized opening for charging and headphone connectors
Composite construction with polycarbonate core in soft TPU shell
Shock-absorbing space frame structure
Raised edges protect touchscreen from scratch
Slim, pocket-friendly flat back design
Works with all FitClic Neo mounts and accessories

About the BuyBits Adapter -Allows to use the case on an existing bike / motorcycle case which has a 1" / 25mm ball base. Works with buybits, RAM motorcycle mount, SW-Motech and Ultimate Addons along with many other bike mounts using this size.
What's included? 1 x case & 1 x adapter.

* Based on a study on 8 common phone-specific mounting systems in the market comparing the total time required to successfully attach the phone case on the mount as well as the maximum force the system can resist before sending the phone to the ground.
** These include the storage and access of data, all wireless communication functions, and the compass. Inductive wireless charging might be hampered.