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Tigra FitClic Neo Universal Adhesive Tag (U-TAG)

SKU: TE0219

You live in a connected world where smartphones help you exercise, navigate, communicate and more. To easily access your phone wherever you go, you need a versatile mounting system that attaches and detaches the phone with no effort, and keep it securely mounted in place even under the most demanding conditions. The FitClic Neo is such a system. It is the worlds first magnetic twist-locking system for smartphones.

Thanks to a smart combination of small magnets, FitClic Neo is nearly 4 times easier to use and 2.5 times more secure than similar mounting systems in the market* while leaving intact the phones most critical functions**. All you need to do is to place your FitClic Neo phone case or U-TAG near the mount, and the system will do the rest like magic. Once locked, the only way to release is to rotate the lever on the mount, and all can be done with only one hand.
Model code: FN-UA

Designed for use of FitClic Neo system on any smartphones or their cases
Tool-free installation
High quality 3M VHB self-adhesive backing with large footprint
Can resist > 30kg force if properly installed
Designed for flat, non-porous surfaces made of aluminum, steel, glass,porcelain/ceramic, Nylon, PU, ABS, PC, PVC or Acrylic
Pocket friendly and minimalist design
Works with all FitClic Neo mounts and accessories
Weight: 15.9g
Dimensions: 74 x 47 x 7.2mm
Package includes 1 U-TAG and alcohol cleaning pad
* Based on a study on 8 common phone-specific mounting systems in the market comparing the total time required to successfully attach the phone case on the mount as well as the maximum force the system can resist before sending the phone to the ground.
** These include the storage and access of data, all wireless communication functions, and the compass. Inductive wireless charging might be hampered.