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TiGRA PowerPLUS MountCase Battery Bike Mount & RainGurard for iPhone 7 (sku 44891)

SKU: 44891

Designed for iPhone 7 (4.7”)not for larger iPhone 7 PLUS (5.5" screen)
With built-in Apple approved power connector for charging the phone while inside the case.
Battery case can be used as a day-to-day case independent from MountCase
MountCase made of shock-absorbing soft thermoplastic that can be easily snapped onto the battery case or detached from it
Compatible with all MountCase mounts with CrossLoc mechanism.
Transparent RainGuard included (protection from light showers only, NOT for immersion in water or other heavy duty usage involving high water pressure such as motorcycle)
Phone’s touchscreen, headphone and charging ports all accessible while inside RainGuard (touch sensitivity may reduce if used together with a screen protector on the phone)
Transparent cap on RainGuard to cover rear camera.
Battery capacity: 3100mAh (more than double phone's battery burn time)
Battery type: Lithium Polymer rechargeable.
Input: DC 5V max. 1A input through micro-USB port on case.
Output: DC 5V max. 1A output through integrated Lightning connector.
Can charge and discharge simultaneously (when plugged in, phone will be charged first followed by battery inside the case)
Supports synchronization with iTunes.
Total weight: 138g (iPhone and RainGuard excluded)
Overall dimensions: 152.7 x 70.9 x 15.5mm (battery case only), 156 x 76.5 x 23.1mm (with MountCase on) and 160 x 69.7 x 24.5mm (with RainGuard on)
Package includes:
- 3100mAh form-fitting battery case with plastic frame
- MountCase in soft thermoplastic
- RainGuard (MC-IPH6-PP-RG)
- Charging cable
- Headphone adaptor cable