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Tigra RAM-IPBK-05 bracket plus an iPhone charging connector module

SKU: TE0214

Worry about running your iPhone's battery flat during a bike trip? Want to charge your phone while inside the FitClic BikeConsole CASE but don't want to fiddle with charging cables that run out of the case? Don't want to compromise water-tightness of the FitClic BikeConsole CASE by having an extra opening for charging cable passage? The Power Plus Bicycle Kit offers a perfect solution. This DIY package converts the FitClic BikeConsole into a rechargeable system using your favorite power source, and let you charge your phone on the go while keeping it well-protected against water, shock and impact inside the CASE.

- Works with FitClic BikeConsole CASE for iPhone 7 (IPH-3074-S) and iPhone 7 Plus (IPH-3075-S) (BikeConsole CASE not included)
- Include Charge-thru Mounting Bracket where you may plug in power source compatible with your phone via a micro-USB port (cable and power source such as battery pack NOT included)*
- Bracket has same mounting and Dual Lock mechanism as FitClic Bike Strap Mount (MC-IPBK-04), supports AMPS mounting adaptors
- Include Charging Connector Module for DIY installation inside BikeConsole CASE
- Simple installation of Charging Connector Module involves removal and replacement of 2 screws only