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TiGRA Tough Case for iPhone 8 (4.7) & M8 - M10 Motorcycle Mirror Mount (sku 37990)

SKU: 37990

BuyBits hybrid mounting solution incorpotating the TiGRA BikeCONSOLE tough case for Apple iPhone 8 (4.7" ) with the Ultimate Addons metal M8 / M10 mount base

Utilise a convenient M8 or M10 fixing on your bike.

Designed to fit between mirror stem and handlebar, an attachment for fairing struts or to any workable M8 / M10 bolt.
Useful for some motorcycles where traditional mounting options are not an option.

Hard shell tough case with anti shock liner - bespoke made for 4.7" screen iPhone 8 only.
Touch lens, charger & headphone access. Kick stand.
Hinged with secure side clips
Includes a light-weight 'Day Case'

What's included?
1 x TiGRA case for the iPhone 8 (4.7" screen)
1 x Adapter
1 x M8/M10 Base