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Waterproof Motorcycle - Bike Mount for TomTom GO LIVE 550 IQ Routes (sku 8987)

SKU: 8987

RAM Bike Handlebar Mount RAM-B-149z with ARKON Waterproof Case for the TomTom Go LIVE 750 IQ Routes (SKU 8988)

SKU: 8988

Use your car satnav out on your motorcycle.
Why pay out for a motorcycle GPS when you have a car system.

An affordable way to utilise your TomTom GO LIVE 750

Weatherproof, water resistant, protective zip case with a RAM Bike handlebar mount suitable for Motorcycles & BicycleHandlebars.

A complete mounting option with protective case suitable for the TomTom GO 750 LIVE / IQ Routes.

The Waterproof Case:
Transparent touch through lens allows you to view and access your SatNav.
Water resistant zipper.
Charging cable access at bottom of case - flanged to keep moisture out.
Includes 3 inserts to insure a snug fit.
Case un-clips form the handlebar mount easily for security & storage.
External dimensions: 15cm across x 11cm wide x 4.5cm deep.
Internal dimensions: 13.5cm across x 8.5 wide x 4cm deep. (Max size)
Colour BLACK - silver grey trim frames case.

Genuine RAM Handlebar Mount:
Ram RAM-B-149z rail / bar mount suitable for handlebars from 3/4" to 1 1/4" in diameter.
Made from marine grade aluminium.
Arm length 1 3/4" (44mm).


What do I get?
Arkon waterproof CASE with insertsRAM Mount Plate with 1 inch Ball (RAM-B-347U) RAM Mount Short Length 1 1/4" between centres dual 1.0 inch Socket Arm (RAM-B-201U) RAM Mount Stainless Steel Motorcycle U-Bolt Base with 1.0 inch Ball (RAM-B-231U)with 2 x u-bolt / bolts / nuts / reducer & caps)