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Waterproof Motorcycle - Bike Mount for TomTom ONE Classic Assist & Traffic. (sku 8990)

SKU: 8990

RAM Bike Handlebar Mount RAM-B-149z with ARKON Waterproof Case for the TomTom ONE Classic / v4 / Assist & Traffic (SKU 8990)

SKU: 8990

Weatherproof, water resistant, protective zip case with a RAM Bike handlebar mount for Motorcycle, Motorbike, Bike or BicycleHandlebars.

Save money by using your regular 'CAR' GPS SatNav system on your Motorcycle.

This universal case fits the TomTom ONE Classic also known as the v4 or 30 series. (Uses an easyport fitting suction cup mount in the car)
Suitable for Regional & Europe software versions.

The Waterproof Case:
Transparent touch through lens allows you to view and access your SatNav.
Water resistant zipper.
Charging cable access at bottom of case - flanged to keep moisture out.
Includes 3 inserts to insure a snug fit.
Case un-clips form the handlebar mount easily for security & storage.
External dimensions: 15cm across x 11cm wide x 4.5cm deep.
Internal dimensions: 13.5cm across x 8.5 wide x 4cm deep. (Max size)
Colour BLACK - silver grey trim frames case.

The RAM Handlebar Mount:
Ram RAM-B-149z rail / bar mount suitable for handlebars from 3/4" to 1 1/4" in diameter.
Made from marine grade aluminium.
Arm length 1 3/4" (44mm).


Arkon Waterproof Bike and Motorcycle Case and Mount - YouTube

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What do I get?
Arkon waterproof CASE with insertsRAM Mount Plate with 1 inch Ball (RAM-B-347U) RAM Mount Short Length 1 1/4" between centres dual 1.0 inch Socket Arm (RAM-B-201U) RAM Mount Stainless Steel Motorcycle U-Bolt Base with 1.0 inch Ball (RAM-B-231U)with 2 x u-bolt / bolts / nuts / reducer & caps)