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Waterproof Robust Golf Clamp Mount for iPhone 12 Mini (sku 55809)

SKU: 55809

Waterproof Robust Golf Clamp Mount for iPhone 12 Mini


Zip case with soft liner and support pads.
Covered zip with double ended zip access.
Case can be removed from mount easily.
Note - NO cable access.


Unique jaw design that has an extra wide clamping range for both flat and tubular surfaces, including small posts.
Conveniently installs and removes without any tools on flat as well as round, square, or odd shaped bars and rails.
Clamps onto handlebars and posts 0.25 - 2 inches (0.6cm - 5cm) in diameter
Clamps into tables, desks, and counters 0.2 - 1.75 inches (0.5cm - 4.45cm) thick
Clamp mount is made of high-strength composite materials with corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware
The mount installs easily with a turn of the clamp's knob. The clamp is padded in order to provide gripping support and protection to the mounting surface
An optional removable security knob is provided to deter theft. Simply remove the existing knob and tighten the clamp with the security knob. Once tightened, the security knob can be removed to deter theft

What is included?
1x Clamp mount 1x Waterproof Case