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Wheelchair Rail - Tube Mount with Extension & Artist Easel Handi Case (sku 30602)

SKU: 30602

Wheelchair Rail / Tube Mount with Extension & Artist Easel Handi Case

This mount features a U-Bolt base with 1.5" rubber ball, two double socket arms, a double ball adapter for extra length and articulation together with an Artist Easel Handi Case

If you want a truly portable work station designed to accommodate your artist essentials, you've found it. With a strong A4 size drawing surface, a sketch pad holder clip and storage inside the case for documents, paints, brushes, pencils, chalks and other common items this mount is ideal for the artist on the go

The Handi Case is easily attached and removed within seconds and with four points of rubberized 360 degree articulation you are not limited in the positioning or adjustment of the mount

Portriat or landscape at the twist of a knob

The case offers some protection from the weather but it is not waterproof

The U-Bolt base with 1.5" rubber ball accommodates rails from 12.7mm (0.5") to 25.5mm (1") in diameter. Included are black cover caps to be placed over the exposed ends of the u-bolt and a composite adapter that can narrow the rail to a minimum width of 12.7mm (0.5")

Overall Mount length; 43cm
Ballsize; 1" and 1.5"

This type of modular mounting system allows the user to change the configuration of the mount by adding or removing components

Manufactured from Marine Grade Stainless Steel, Aluminium Components and High Strength Composite

Contents of the Handi Case are not included

RAM-231 RAP-201 RAM-230 RAP-BC-201 RAM-B-202