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Wheelchair Rail - Tube Mount with Extension & Tablet Holder for Tesco Hudl 2. (sku 21672)

SKU: 21672

Wheelchair Rail and Tube Mount with Extension and Tablet Holder for Tesco Hudl 2.

This Mount features a U-Bolt with 1.5" Rubber Ball, a Standard Double Socket Arm 1.5", a Double 1.5" Ball Adapter, a Double Socket Swivel Arm with hinge for 1.5" Ball to 1" Ball together with a Universal sprung loaded Tablet Holder.

With four points of rubberized 360 degree rotation and a connecting central pivot hinge joint that rotates forward and back 180 degree this mount provides unsurpassed adjustability, you are not limited in the positioning or adjustment of the mount.

The spring loaded holder fits the Tesco Hudl 2 and Tesco Hudl securely. The holder design allows it to accommodate the device with a case or skin up to a maximum width of 230mm.

Overall Mount length; 48.5cm.
Ballsize; 1" and 1.5".

This type of modular mounting system allows the user to change the configuration of the mount by adding or removing components, such as changing the existing holder to a camera mount or the addition of arms for extra length and articulation.

Manufactured from Marine Grade Stainless Steel, Aluminium Components and High Strength Composite,

RAM-231 RAP-201 RAM-230 RAP-200-1 RAP-B-200-2