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Wheelchair U-Bolt and Double Socket Arm Mount with Lightweight iPhone 5S Case and RainGuard (sku 30041)

SKU: 30041

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Wheelchair U-Bolt and Double Socket Arm Mount with Lightweight iPhone 5 / 5S Case and RainGuard.

The Lightweight iPhone 5 / 5S case is ultra-thin and stylish. Designed for people who are always on the go.

The iPhone 5 / 5S will have to be removed from any case,skin or sleeve before fitting into the MountCase as the sleek rubber case snug-fits the phone and provides basic protection for daily use.

Will not fit the iPhone 5C.

Simply twist-lock the phone on the mounting bracket and you are ready to go.

A spring lock automatically locks your phone onto the bracket to prevent movement even on the most rugged surface. An extra safety lock, once engaged, provides further protection.

Removing the phone from the mount is equally simple just press the 2 side buttons while twisting the phone. In most cases these can all be done within seconds with one hand.

All phone features are accessible while inside the case.

A RainGuard case is included if it rains. This is designed for light showers but it has been used successfully in heavy downpours for a short period of time.

The Double Socket Arm gives extra length and articulation allowing for adjustment and perfect viewing angles.

The U-Bolt Mount is a 1" rubber ball designed to sit at right angles to the mounting rail and fits rails from 12.7mm to 31.7mm.

The u-bolt base also includes black cover caps to be placed over the exposed ends of the u-bolt as well as a shim to reduce the clamping diameter to 12.7mm.
Overall Mount length; 18cm.
Ball Size; 1".

This type of modular mounting system allows the user to change the configuration of the mount by adding or removing components, such as changing the existing phone holder to a tablet mount or the addition of arms for extra length and articulation.

Manufactured from Marine Grade Aluminium Components and High Strength Composite.

RAM-B-231Z RAP-B-201 RAM-B-238