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Wheelchair U-Bolt - Double Socket Arm Mount with Weather Resistant Case for iPhone 12 Mini (sku 55760)

SKU: 55760

Wheelchair U-Bolt and Double Socket Arm Mount with Weather Resistant Case for iPhone 12 Mini

The Weather Resistant zip case for the iPhone 6 protects the phone from dust, dirt, light rain showers and water splashes.

Lined zip fastening.
Touch sensitive front lens.
Charging cable access.
Internal support pads.
The Double Socket Arm gives extra length and articulation allowing for adjustment and perfect viewing angles.

The U-Bolt Mount is a 1" rubber ball designed to sit at right angles to the mounting rail and fits rails from 12.7mm to 31.7mm.

The u-bolt base also includes black cover caps to be placed over the exposed ends of the u-bolt as well as a shim to reduce the clamping diameter to 12.7mm.
Overall Mount length; 18cm.

Ball Size; 1".

This type of modular mounting system allows the user to change the configuration of the mount by adding or removing components, such as changing the existing phone case to a tablet mount or the addition of arms for extra length and articulation.

U-Bolt and Double Socket Arm manufactured from Marine Grade Aluminium Components and High Strength Composite.
RAM-B-231Z RAP-B-201