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White Cradle ZS Multisurface Car Dash Mount Holder for Nexus 6 (sku 20863)

SKU: 20863

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ZS Multi-Surface Suction Car Dash Mount with universal holder ideal for the Motorola Nexus 6 when using a protective case, bumper or skin.

White Cradle with Black Multi-surface Mount - Suitable for most hard flat surfaces.

Apply directly to the dashboard / console and view your Motorola Nexus 6conveniently within your line of sight or apply to the windscreen in the traditional way for a really FIRM grip to glass.

The ZS Multi-Surface Mount uses a special PU coated 60mm suction cup which, although tacky to touch, is NOT adhesive so it can be removed and re-applied as many times as you like allowing you to adjust its position or transfer it between vehicles.

Requires a minimum flat area of just 70mm diameter for a good grip. Idea for compact cars, shallow or deep dashboards

Adjustable cradle is ideal if you like to keep a protective case, skin or bumper on your phone. Unlike bespoke dedicated cradles the arms of this holder are moveable so to accommodate different makes & styles of case. Function areas remain fully accessible.
Fits phones with a minimum height of 65mm and a width of between 40mm - 80mm. Perfect if the drivers of your vehicle use different phones. Retractable feet give your phone extra support when used in portrait alignment.

Arm length approx 60mm - low level design, neat and unobtrusive.

To apply - Select your chosen position, ensure it is clean, dust free. Remove the protective film from the sucker. Position the ZS arm pull down the lever to expel the air and create the vacuum. Give it a wiggle to ensure it's holding firm then insert your phone onto the universal holder.
To remove: Just lift the lever and pull on the release tab to break the vacuum. The ZS mount can now be removed. Washable: Although your car is probably spotless, dust, fluff & grease can build up on the suction cup causing the suction to fail. If this happens simply rinse the sucker under a running tap & leave to air dry.Not suitable for oiled areas, loose covered dashboards or areas cleaned with wax or grease treatments.