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Worktop Desk Counter Table Tablet Stand Holder for Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12.2" (sku 34063)

SKU: 34063

Weighted 18cm square base - use on desks, tables, counters, work surfaces at home, at the office or place of work - secure & stable.
Use with the Samsung Galaxy Note PRO 12.2"

Extendable arm adjustable from 17cm - 22.5cm Tilt & swivel ball adjustment with 360 degree rotation.
Unique design - composit cradle holds your tablet secure on all four sides.
Spring loaded makes inserting & removing your tablet easy.
View your tablet horizontally or vertically.
Adjustable - fits tablets 7.9 -12.9 inch screens - includes a set of four insert posts to allow you to use with a variety of sized tablets.
Will accommodate some styles light-weight silicon cases / skin..

Weight 1.49kg approx