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ZS Stick Anywhere Multi Surface Suction Car Dashboard Mount for the TOMTOM GO 920 & 920t Traffic (SKU 10261)

SKU: 10261

Compact Style ZS Stick Anywhere Multi Surface Suction Car Dashboard Mount for the TOMTOM GO 520, 720 & 920 and the TomTom GO 530, 730 & 930 GPS satnav systems. (SKU 10261)

SKU: 10261

This low level suction car mount has a PU coated suction cup which will grip to most flat surfaces within your vehicle.
Apply straight to the dash / console area or to the windscreen

Has special PU coated 60mm suction cup which can be remove and re-applied - Great for multi vehicle drivers.
Reliable lever release arm which ensures good grip.
This sucker only requires a minimum flat area of just 70mm diameter to use.

So versatile, neat enough for small cars and perfect for larger vehicles such as Motorhomes, MPVs, Lorry Cabs, Transit Vans.
If your vehicle has a deep dash or steep sloping windscreen, the ZS Multisurface Mount allows you to bring your satnav closer to you for easier viewing.
Tilt & swivel adjustment to avoid glare.
Arm length approx 60mm - low level design, neat and unobtrusive.

Washable Although your car is probably spotless, dust, fluff & grease can build up on the suction cup causing the suction to fail. If this happens simply rinse the sucker under a running tap & leave to air dry. Once the PU has reactivated (becomes tacky again) it's ready to use.

Not suitable for oiled areas, loose covered dashboards or areas cleaned with wax or grease treatments.

View the Video below to see how the ZS Multi-surface Mount works.
Note - may not show the holder for your device.

BuyBits Multi Surface Mount - YouTube

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